Some survey statistics show that those start-ups that had a mentor performed almost 3x better, compared to those start-ups that did not have one. LexMantra offers mentorship, tailor-made for the unique requirements of a start-up or an entrepreneur, and works closely with founding teams to assist them in identifying their key strengths and weaknesses. Most start-ups and entrepreneurs have a strong need for skills and capabilities which are complementary to their own. We offer incisive management inputs and valuable support services to them, thereby enabling them to focus on their core areas of interest – the business idea they are working on. Few of our partners have been successful entrepreneurs themselves, and are uniquely placed to help the entrepreneurs achieve in their entrepreneurial journey.

We provide business mentoring to start-ups with a sharp focus on the following areas, et al:-

Business Model Development
Knowledge Capture
Competitive Advantage & Growth Strategy
Resource Allocation
Strategic Tie-ups
Competitor Analysis
Market Insight Capitalization
Financial Modelling
Fund Raising Strategy

Our Start-up and Strategy Consulting team has deep industry and functional expertise, with tools and resources to support execution and solutions that are innovative, yet practical and implementable. Many professional service firms stay focused on their special niche, and don’t have an ability to see the whole deal and how the parts interact. Our team is quite the opposite, not only ensuring that the existing pieces fit together, but that future events don’t upset the balance.

Our Legal Consulting practice area offers a large portfolio of legal services, through its 4 offices located at New Delhi, Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Cuttack, and is well known for its expertise in all aspects of Litigation, Corporate & Commercial law, IT & Internet law, Arbitration & ADR, besides other practice areas. The firm works in collaboration with many eminent lawyers, renowned law firms and professional firms in India and abroad on multifarious projects, and ensures ready access to formal legal advice in other jurisdictions, whenever needed. LexMantra is also strongly engaged in non-litigation practice focusing on corporate matters. We have been handling corporate litigation work before the Supreme Court of India, Orissa High Court and specialized forums like Administrative Tribunals (CAT & SAT), Labour Tribunal, National and State Consumer Forum, Mines Tribunal, Telecom Tribunal, Competition Commission, etc. We are also involved in contract and document drafting, analysis, review and revision. We are the only Law firm in the state to provide complete arbitration guidance and support.