Start-up fundraising is one of the hardest and a crucial part of starting a business. As it is quite time-consuming, fundraising is a job in itself, and can take a very long time let along draining resources both financially and mentally. We provide start-up fundraising services on a transparent basis with simple terms. As part of our start-up fundraising campaigns, we provide the following services.

  • Source, evaluate, profile and approach investors on behalf of our clients, in-order to raise capital from top
  • Angel Investors, Accelerators, Incubators and VCs.
  • Explore other possible sources of funding, suiting the specific business model.
  • Assist in deal negotiations and consult on Term sheets and equity structuring.

We work at all the possible funding stages of a start-up :

Seed and Angel Financing : We also have strong relationships with the angel investment community that we leverage for our clients’ capital raising efforts by making introductions, supporting the process and counseling the founding teams on preparation and execution of seed and angel financing rounds. Because of our deep experience, we are able to structure seed and angel financings in a manner that works for both the company and its potential investors, and can be achieved in a timely and financially conservative manner.

Venture Financing & Private Equity : We understand how difficult and time consuming the process of raising outside venture capital is for a start-up enterprise. Thus, while representing our start-up clients in the early stages, we pay special attention to items and processes that will be important in a venture financing process, so that the start-up can close the diligence process and legal documentation in a timely and cost effective manner.

The firm represents private equity and venture capital firms in relation to all aspects of their business, conducting legal due diligences, structuring and organizing fund sponsors and investment of their funds, financing, exiting transactions, negotiating and drafting Shareholders Agreement, Share Subscription cum Share Purchase Agreements, et al.