Effective body language tricks to use during a job interview

Body languages are the most important component of communication. Remember 80% of the information that your brain receives is through conversation and 20% through body language.

The famous saying- “action speaks louder than words”, perfectly fits into the context. Body language and gestures are  simple actions that your body do subconsciously or unconsciously. And it tells a lot about your personality.

Body language communicates what is  going on the back of your mind. Sometimes, you may do or say something which you don’t mean and your body language tells that clearly. Sometimes,  you may like or unlike people but if you are asked why, you are unable to answer it. It is just because of their body language.

Sometimes people face the dilemma in believing you because your words and body language do not match and they finally believe your  body gestures. Sometimes your body language gives signal which is not ethical or correct.

Body language can’t be control but it can be trained. How?

Points to ponder:-

– Keep your arms, legs & feet relaxed & uncrossed. It sends the message that you are open & honest  with the other person

– Crossed arms is a defensive position

-Lean slightly forward. It shows your interest towards the discussion/matter

– Eyes straight, body straight, sit straight. A straight body posture shows your confidence level  & it is obvious that you have a greater chance of succeeding in anything, discussion, negotiation, business deal, interviews etc. because the person who is listening to you will rely on you checking your confidence level.

– Straight eyes or direct eye contact builds the trust between you and the other person

– Never touch your head portion,  whether it is resting your face on your hand, touching your hair anything. It distracts attention.

– Facial expression: people having a pleasant facial expression have a higher chance of getting positive result or response. Always keep a smiling face. Even if you have a negative feeling, nervousness  or  any worries, keep a smile on  your face. It will cover up everything.

Shoulder should be straight, it makes your posture straight, never shrink your shoulders.

– Maintain you gait.

– Shake hands: Give a firm shake hand, a  loose one shows a lack of confidence. Don’t give too hard or too loose one.

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